Is there a way to measure the conversion rates of multiple points?


is it possible to measure more than one point of conversion? I know that I can flag more than one element per landing page as a point of conversion but I’m looking for a way to measure how “conversion link A” fared against “conversion link B”. Can this be done or is conversion just tallying up all conversion points together?


Hey Rob - you can set up multiple conversion goals but Unbounce will track them cumulatively. We currently don’t offer the ability to tell you which conversion goal is performing better.

One of the reasons we’ve been slow to roll this feature out is because by nature, a landing page should have one clear call to action. That being said, we completely understand the demand. If you want to track multiple conversion goals your best bet is to use Google Analytics and set up Event tracking. Hope that helps!


I don’t want to get too rigid in my thinking, but I also want to make sure I understand what I’ve been learning (after taking several of your courses). So I hope you don’t mind confirming or clearing up confusion on what I think I know so far"

 I understood the one ad>one page>one call to action, but an exception is adding a phone #, because its the preferred option for many people, and a call brings people closer to making a buying decision than signing up for anything. 

 So am I hearing that there might be other exceptions, where its a good idea to actually give people more than one call to action? Or are you simply saying since some members would like to track more than one, you want to respond to that, even though the company remains committed to the idea that you really only want one (except for the phone# in addition to the email opt in form)?

 I hope I made it clear what I’m asking; just trying to get clear on the landing page basics.