Is there a way to get rid of the x on the popups and only close on a button click?


Is there a way to get rid of the x on the popups so that they only close on button click? The theory behind this is that I would like the user to ONLY be able to close on a button click and have the popup show on the first visit.


Hi @jaredberryman you can remove the close button with a bit of CSS placed on the host page the pop up is set to fire on:

 .ub-emb-iframe-wrapper .ub-emb-close {
  	visibility: hidden;

I’m not sure what the specific use case is here, but you won’t be able to track a button set to “close on click” in the page builder as a conversion. If you’re using some third party tracking (like Google Analytics) this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

If you do need to track that click in Unbounce though a sneaky little workaround would be to add a form to the popup with a single field and then hide the field by covering it with the submit button. You can then track the “form submission” as a conversion to see how many people clicked the button.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! This was precisely what I was looking for.

The idea is to create a popup where you can only get out of the popup if you either input your email, or you click on a button that has a negative connotation.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Rob,

My popup - pops up on an Unbounce host page. Where do I exactly put that script?

Best - Scott