Is there a way to geo-target pricing?


Hello Unbounce peeps!

I have a landing page that is servicing a number of countries and therefore needs different pricing. Currently, we literally just have ALL the different prices listed, but I really, really want to simplify this.

So, does anyone know how to set up geo-targeted content on an Unbounce page so that the pricing can change dynamically? (Not using URL parameters though).


Hi @Zoe_Tattersall,

You need an API that would feed you the country. After that you should have a script that shows/hides prices depending on what country it detects.

Country level detection is usually pretty accurate but there is a chance for some discrepancies. So you’ll need a fall back in your script if you can’t detect the country or if a visit from a country that’s not specified hits the page.

My agency specializes in developing custom scripts and integrations for Unbounce so feel free to PM me for a quote estimate.



@Zoe_Tattersall, @Hristian is offering the best solution for you. I’ve also used him for some bespoke coding problems and he was excellent.

Regards, J


Thanks, will PM you :slight_smile: