Is there a way to Geo-Locate and calculate the tax automatically of a country for Paypal payment with an unbounce page?


Hey Guys,
What I am looking for is an unbounce page with the ability to geo-target the country and change the pricing dynamically as per the VAT of the targeted country. And finally make the payment using the paypal+unbounce integration.[which I assume is pretty easy and I have sorted out already]

Has anyone ever tried or integrated such a thing on any of your unbounce pages?

Is this possible with Google Geo-Location?

FYI: I think taxamo can do the geo-targetting and VAT calcualtion. But I am not sure if it can be integrated with unbounce easily/properly!
Here is a link of taxamo:

Please shade some light if anyone ever tried it or know a better way of doing this.

Looking forward to better technical solution from the experts!



Hi @Nayon,

First you need a script that would detect the country and display the proper pricing. Depending on how many countries you are serving that might become cumbersome.
If it’s up to 10 countries, it would be fairly simple.

After that it’s a matter of grabbing the price and sending it to the PayPal.

In order to do that you’ll need a reliable API solution that would help you detect the country. MaxMind is the best one around.

I’ve written a similar script for a client a while back without the PayPal option. Just showing different price depending on the visiting country with a fall back if the visitor is not in one of the 10 explicitly targeted countries.

A much better and cleaner solution would be to integrate a 3rd party checkout that has eCommerce cart functionality. These would usually allow you to set tax/shipping per country.

You’ll need to find one that can be:

  • Embedded
  • Supports PayPal (most support Stripe)



Thanks @Hristian for a detailed instruction of how it can be done!
Actually, Taxamo can be integrated easily to Unbounce with their checkout form script but since unbounce doesn’t support complete stripe integration I couldn’t complete process.

And unfortunately, I had to move Clickfunnels for the solution! They have both Stripe and taxamo integration. I wonder when Unbounce is going to suppot full integration to Stripe!
It’s high time they should do it.

I have came across lot’s of clients asking for stripe integration. Anyway, Thanks again.