Is there a way to copy groups?



I was hoping there is a way of copying groups of landing pages. I have nearly 40 landing pages spread over 4 groups and need to duplicate each of these 14 times. That’s around 560 landing pages I need to work on them and then regroup them. If there was the functionality to copy groups 14 times it would save me endless hours, Please tell me I have overlooked this function, or if this is not the case is this something that will be implemented anytime soon?




Hi Ricky,
Unfortunately you haven’t overlooked a feature, it’s not currently possible to duplicate a page group. We do want to make it easier to manage large groups of pages though, but I can’t give you an ETA quite yet. I will update you when we have a better handle on timeline though.



can you do variants within a group?


How do you mean Ace? Variants are created within a “page” which can in turn belong to a “page group”. So in essence, a page is just a group of variants. Is there something specific you’re trying to accomplish that doesn’t seem immediately possible?