Is there a way to check Salesforce for existing Leads using the Salesforce integration?


We are using the Salesforce integration to push the Leads from our Unbounce forms into Salesforce. However, we have quite a number of Leads that may have come in either from other sources, or from other Unbounce forms.

Is there a way to set Unbounce to check Salesforce for existing Leads when using the Salesforce integration, so as to avoid creating duplicates?


Hey Andrew  - I do know there are Salesforce add-ons that do this. I’ve seen customers use it before. I’m not sure which specific one’s they are using but here’s one I found:

Hope that does what you’re looking for! From what i’ve seen it just rejects the duplicate lead. On the Unbounce end it will throw an ‘integration error’ for the duplicate lead and will still save the data to your Unbounce account.