Is there a way to add a captcha to the form? I am getting a ton of spam signups on my landing page


Every time I visit the page on the backend it seems to trigger something that causes a bunch of fake signups.  I don’t see how to add a captcha, how can I avoid this?


Hello Gloria,

Sorry to hear that someone is spamming your leads and twisting your data.  Please see for the conversation about blocking spam bots.  There are a few other conversation about blocking IP addresses after one form submit, but I do not believe there was a completely smooth solution.  I’d recommend contacting Unbounce support directly if the problem persists.  Hope that you can get it swiftly resolved.

Best regards,

Joe Faillace


Hi Gloria! 
We’ve been taking big steps over the last two years to address spam and false leads. The automation we have set-up should catch almost all automated spam from bots, but an actual person won’t trip the spam trap.

We’ve got a second automation running that looks for know spam IPs (based on regular monitoring of a few different sources), so it is possible that you’ll see one off “spam” leads like that occasionally.

In fact, you can read about a tool we’ve built in house called the Reputator that works using different resources to take a huge bite out of spam. 

At the moment we don’t have a direct way to implement a captcha form into an Unbounce form, but this idea has been brought up a few times. I’m going to merge this thread with the original idea thread to keep the votes all in one place. 

For an immediate solution, 123 Contact Forms has built an integration, so their forms can now write leads into your Unbounce view leads section and also capture a conversion.

A word of warning, as captcha’s can sometimes negatively affect your conversion rate, but if you are experiencing a lot of spam on your page, it should do the job.

Hope this answers your questions, Gloria. If you’re still finding yourself receiving large amounts of spam, please don’t hesitate to reach back out to our support team ( so we can really dig into this and hopefully find a solution.