Is there a way of adding "Values" to form fields and not use labels?


Looking to just add values and not have to add labels into the design?

Anyway of doing this on non-hidden form fields?



Hi Justin! In the form editor, right below the Field Label text box, there’s an option to “Hide label”. Does that give you what you want?


Hi Joshua,

Sadly not, that only hides the label and does not allow me to replace it with a value


Not 100% sure if this is what you’re looking for, but we have a trick for using field hints instead of (or in addition to) labels here:…


Hi Carter,

Thanks for that, it looks to do exactly what i need.

Although I’m a newbie here, i’m defiantly another plus one to the “Default Value” functionality.


Hey there, sorry I misunderstood. If I’m now understanding you correctly, we don’t support this directly, but we do have a nice writeup that provides a workaround here:…


Carter, I’m looking for the same thing but your link is now dead. Can you re-post the documentation for this please?