Is there a limit to the number of pages I can create on a Pro Account (i.e. $99 account)


Just wondering if there is a limit of landing pages I can make with my Pro- account AKA the one that costs $99 a month. Because I want to create a landing page focused on highlighting different aspects/benefits of my product to make each landing page extremely relevant to the keyword that triggered it and in turn get a better overall quality score. And also to see which benefits or features are the most convincing for visitors that come to my pages.

But if there is a limit to the number of pages I can make thats important to know because if its limited I want to use them wisely.


Hey Joan!

Thanks for reaching out, and smart thinking on doing your homework before committing to a Plan. To answer your question, the Pro 99 monthly plan allows you to publish as many as 75 landing pages. However, at any time when you sign up for Unbounce you can help yourself to a free month to try it out and make sure your plan is meeting your needs.

We’ve got some handy documentation here to help you with making your decision on a plan, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions! :relaxed:

Hope you find what you’re looking for, Joan!



One more question. If you create 75 landing pages would you be able to erase 5 old ones if you wanted to create 5 more? Just want to clarify. Is it only the first 75 landing pages you make or any 75 landing pages whether you erase some and create others?


Hey Joan!

Happy to help. :relaxed:

If you publish 75 landing pages, then (for example) unpublish 5 of them, you’re able to publish 5 more. Essentially it means you’re able to have 75 published landing pages at any given time.

Hope that helps!