Is there a "go back to the top" button?


hello i would like to know if there is any button that allows users to go back to the top of the LP in a click.
thank you


Hi Ines - thanks for reaching out!  

In the case that you didn’t receive my reply via email, I’ll post my answer here as well. 

To bring the user quickly back to the top, just add a hashtag to the link form in the  Properties  section as per this screenshot: If you want the page to smoothly and more slowly go up, please check out .

I hope this gives you a head start, but let me know if you have any other questions.  


Thank you. It’s very easy! :slight_smile:


Awesome, glad to help!  :) 


for some reason to get this to work in Google chrome I have to add the FULL url instead of relative #

so my button link is  http://www.somedomain.someextension/1234# instead of just #


There’s also the option of adding a smart ‘Go Back To Top’ button.

Check out the tutorial here: