Is the flow tooo long or could I add testimonials?


Dear folks

This my first so be gentle :wink:

My landingpage are in danish so a little intro. We are selling acoustic partitions for offices. They are modular so you’re able to shape the office dynamically. We are trying to communicate that all the way down to the woo commerce shop.

Now I’m unsure if the storyline here is too long or if I’ll be able to snug in customer logos and/or testimonials? I could need some confirmation since we’re a young company.

Any design advice would be equally useful … THANKS A LOT GUYS!


Hi there,

Quick Feedback, upon first glance…

The page is nice and clean. I would be careful with such a deep header area though. I have a large monitor and the CTA is below the fold. I would try to bring that up on the page.

I see no reason why you cannot add a testimonial section, even if it is just above the footer area and below the actual form.

The image in your SHOP section is falling on top of the footer section when you scroll down - most likely because you have parallax turned on. Looks a little odd if you scroll all the way down to the bottom.

The animated GIF is cool, although it is a little small. I would make it a wee bit larger or embed a YouTube video as it looks a little small in comparison to all of your other graphic representations on the page.

Great job on your first page!


Excellent feedback! Thanks a lot for taking your time. If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, I’ll buy you a beer and a danish :wink:

About the CTA, I’m trying to be a little cheeky. Playing with expectation. I believe people are so used to CTA above the fold that the broken up copy actually make them scroll.

Am I naivé?

Oh and product image stickin to the top is an irritating compromise. When you tab the accordion with multiple variations of the product it is so long that the product image(that changes according to your choice) are gone up and out.


Hi Casper,

I love how clean the page is. Lot’s of negative space which is refreshing! The navigation bar is very polished :slight_smile:

Here’s some feedback:

  • Your main hero is lacking in content and/or identity. I think this would benefit from 3 or 4 powerful words. Maybe “Conversations and Concentration”, “Filter perfection”, “Tune into excellence” or “Concentration. Reimagined.” - something strong like that. I think also adding your logo and a CTA would work well. You could also just bring the “NEXT GENERATION” box and CTA up and overlay it in white over the hero image to give the viewer more information. If the viewer doesn’t know the purpose of the page in a second, they’re gone.

  • One of your scripts is broken. There’s a string of code visible at the bottom “FBQ ( ‘track’, ‘AddToCart’, {value: 1000.00, currency: ‘£’});”. I’d review your coding and tidy up any missing close tags.

  • The “NEXT GENERATION” box overlays your main content image on mobile

  • I’d be a bit wary of how small the annotations are on mobile for the spider diagram image. When the page is scaled down the annotations are very, very small. I’d say aim for at least size 10px font.

Apart from that, I think the page is visually lovely. Very modern and fresh!

Let me know if you need anything else!



That’s awesome feedback!.. thanks. And I hear ya. don’t play all mysterious on your visitors. Give them the bang already :wink:


Hey Casper,

I love the modern design of the page, so much so that I want to copy a small element of it. Regardless of the window size and monitor resolution, your image stays full screen but your text - “Next Generation” - stays at the bottom of that image. How did you achieve that?

I am trying to do something similar and I can get the image to be truly “responsive”, but my other elements just move all over the place.

I’d really appreciate any help on this.



Dear PD

Thanks for the praise! :smiley:

I’ve made this in wordpress with theme. So how to achieve this outside WP ,and the theme I use, I really can’t say. Sorry

But maybe google " css relative position" that might be it?


Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Yeah I finally came up with a workaround for this in Unbounce, but it’s not very elegant. I guess that’s the limitation of Unbounce.

But great landing page - hope you get lots of conversions!