Is Live support accurate with its information?


Just created my first page and now notice that the integration link does not work. I confirmed before purchase via live link that it would work. I suspect live-link is poor as anybody else had unrealisable information from them?


Hey Colm, happy to try and help out, but I’m not familiar with live-link. If you can let us know what that is, and how you’re trying to integrate it with Unbounce I’m sure we can shed some light…


Hi Carl, I was referring to your own “live support” that I asked a few questions too last week, they did not inspire confidence on this question… (other times they have been fantastic…so its not all bad news)

Can you check that my current account will allow Zoho integrations. Your live support assumes me but as I am still on a free trail and it expires during our holiday time I would be obliged if you could clarify this for me



Hi Colm! Our integration with Zoho CRM is available to all Unbounce account levels, so no worries there. If your free trial expires, we’ll still send your leads over to Zoho. Does that answer your question?

Also, our live support team loves to hear constructive criticism, so if there’s anything I can pass along that would have helped you feel more confident I’m happy to do so!