Is it possible to set conditional recipients for email notifications based on a value of a field?


I have a form that has a dropdown. I want to send notification to different email addresses based on what visitors select on that drop down. Basically I want to set up conditional email based on a value of a dropdown field. How can I achieve this on unbounce?


Are you using a marketing automation platform such as ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, etc? If so, you can probably handle this on the automation/workflow side.

If not, another simple way to accomplish this would be to make the drop down item be the first thing that is selected, as part of a multi-step opt-in, and upon selection, the user would immediately be taken to a different landing page that is specific to that drop-down selection/lead funnel. Not sure if that would be ideal for your situation.


Thanks Nicholas. I don’t think Unbounce supports such a feature then. No we are not using any marketing automation. We just need to send the leads to multiple email addresses, and we have to keep it as one page. I guess we can setup a page on another server with a server side technology and use Webhook to post form data and write some logics there to send out emails from that server.


Hi Hessam, 

You might be able to do it with Google Sheets and Zapier. 

I recently wrote a script that would push your Unbounce leads to a Google Sheet. You can find it here

After that, you’ll need to setup Zapier to monitor the sheet and based on pre-set conditions to email the appropriate people.