Is it possible to send leads from a form to ExactTarget?


They are integrated with Salesforce, but I can’t find a way to do this.


Hey Lisa!

We actually don’t have an integration with ExactTarget at this time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck. If you have the development power, you could likely achieve an ad-hoc integration by utilizing Unbounce’s webhook functionality to push notifications from our server to theirs:…

This, again, will take a bit of legwork from a development team on your end - but once everything is set up, there isn’t any other work needed to push your leads into ExactTarget.

I would also consider adding another post marked as an Idea for an official integration. This way, other users can comment and +1 the idea, which gives our development team a rough idea of how valuable an integration like this would be.

I would be curious to hear if any other customers in the community have been able to integrate with ExactTarget via webhooks. If so, please be sure to share your experience!