Is it possible to see the InfusionSoft tag for each page?


Is t possible to view which InfusionSoft tag will be applied when someone submits a form?  

I know how to set up the integration, but once the integration is complete, I can’t find a way to view the tag without deleting the integration and starting over

This is mainly so its easy to check that right tag has been applied on the page.  


Yes, but it’s not intuitive. You have to pretend like you are setting up the Infusionsoft tag again. From the field mapping screen, click “Select Infusionsoft account” (or similar, I’m not in front of a computer). It looks like you are walking back through the setup, but it should retain your tags and field mapping.


Didn’t work.  The field mappings is visible but not the tags.  Any other ideas?


Had the same problem. I just spoke with a support rep and apparently this isn’t possible. Strange.