Is it possible to save and use the same form in different landing pages?


Hi to all,
I’m new and trying to better understand how Unbounce works.
I’m creating an A/B test, and if I choose a different template from the first one, I’ve got to recreate the form with all its fields, names etc (I’ve got a webhook to pass the data to my crm).

So I was wondering if it is possible to create a standard form set, save it and re-utilize it on different landings ( i looked around but I wasn’t able to find anything)

Thnak you


Not possible yet, unfortunately. I think re-usable page elements (forms, CSS/scripts, page sections, etc.) are on their list of features to add. But it’s not unusual to hear that these things are in development for a year or more before we ever hear about them again. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later…


Hey guys - this particular feature has taken much longer than we’d like but we are making progress. Our platform team has made some major improvements to our servers which paves the way for this and some other highly requested features. You can see a bit more about what’s going on in this announcement.


9 month and still waiting
Hope it will be here soon,
Will save us a LOT of time


Any progress on this? Drop downs are especially time consuming to keep recreating! 


Hi Bethany - we don’t have a form template feature yet, but we recently released a copy & paste feature that lets you copy elements, including forms, from one page to another.

Here’s a quick video showing how it works, copying a form from one page to another.


This is a must guys we waiting for this so much hard to work without this feature after all this is all about Landing pages forms… 


You can copy and paste the form from one page to another. I use it to save time on every project!


You can click on form (to be replicated on other Landing pages) and press Copy Button in the tool

bar. Now open/ make the new Landing page where you want to implement the Form. Click on the

 section of page you want the Form to be, and press Paste button on the tool bar. If you have

customised the Form with Custom Javascript or CSS then also copy those code snippets and paste

in the respective section in the target page.


Awesome feedback!