Is it possible to preload page images?


Question via Talal Alnafie (…)

“I noticed the default buttons in unbounce do not preload the hover state image, and this results in a noticeable delay when you mouseover the buttons. Is there a way to preload images in unbounce? (preferably with just css)?”


I’d like to know the answer to this question as well.


Me too!


me three

If the hover image doesn’t load on the first time the mouse hovers over the button then it really serves no purpose to have a hover image in the first place.


Hey everyone! We’ve supported image preloading for a while now. We did have a bug where some browsers didn’t always cache the preloaded image properly, but that was fixed months ago. If you’re still seeing images not being preloaded, the first thing to try would be to republish your page. If that doesn’t clear it up, please contact and we’ll dig into it for you!


Hey !

I have a big problem with the image preloading. Is there a way to preload images in unbounce?

Carl, I didn’t understand your answer. what is your solution?


Hi Noemie - images *should* preload automatically though there’s currently an issue with images used for various button states. Our team is aware and we’re toiling away on a solution.