Is it possible to link directly to a lightbox element id and have it pop up as a light box?


I want to have “terms and conditions,” “privacy policy,” and “refund policy” be hyperlinked text at the bottom of my page. But when the user clicks on it, I would like a lightbox for each to pop up. Is that possible? Ideas?


One “hack” I’ve used to get this to work is to create a lightbox “button” and style the button in the Properties Pane to make it look like a regular text link (no background color, no border, etc.). Then, when clicked, it opens the lightbox.

Not a perfect solution, and there’s probably an easier way that I’m oblivious to, but it works for me for now.

Triggering lightbox with link in text copy

Thank you!

Haha, I was going to go that route, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t another option first.

Appreciate the fast feedback! Let me know if I can ever help.


I did the same on my pages. When one is done, you just have to copy paste.


Definitely a good work around! 


Awesome workaround, Nicholas. You beat us to it!

It’s definitely on Unbounce’s roadmap to be able to link text to a lightbox natively within the Page Builder,  but for now this is a solid go-to :slight_smile:


Thanks Jess! So cool to hear that. :slight_smile:


Nicholas is right on with the work around but maybe I’m missing something… All these lightboxes have actual URLs.

It’s more involved to find the URLs, go to the text and apply the links but it should be possible if you want to use text instead of a button. 


I have done it as Nicolas did. But I want to make the text underline, so the text looks like a hyperlink, is it possible to do that?