Is it possible to include a blog on a landing page?


We just want to have a possibility to add blog page on our landing page.



To elaborate on this, I am specifically interested in including just 3-4 most recent blog posts. Basically a blog widget as would typically show on a homepage or sidebar of a site.



Hi Stephanie! 

While it might be possible to include a blog widget on your landing page, it’s not something that I would be able to recommend. We’ve run into this question in the past, so check out the points that were raised in this conversation and add your own as well. Hope this gives you a steer in the right direction! :slight_smile:



Hi Justin, but there isn’t any clear answer whether we can have blog or not :wink:



Hi Adomas, 

To clear this up, it depends on the blogging software you use and the tools they have to embed blog content into other places on the web. For example, twitter offers a way to embed tweets and timelinesinto HTML, which means you can also embed this into your Unbounce landing page by embedding it using the HTML widget in Unbounce. If your blogging software supports this kind of external embedding, then you would most likely be able to embed the blog posts in a similar way. So to clarify, we don’t have any built in blogging tools, or tools to embed blogs specifically - but if you know how to embed blog posts into HTML, you’ll likely be able to embed them via HTML into your Unbounce landing page. Hope this clears things up for you!



Is there a blogging software with this functionality (besides twitter) that you would recommend? 

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I would also be curious if it is technically possible to include a blog on an Unbounce page and the thread you’re referencing above is no longer available. For our type of business blogs work as lead magnets and it would make a lot of sense to be able to add a blog section on the landing page