Is it possible to go to different URLs after form submission


Hi, for example I want to redirect the page depending on entered values in the form.

If the customer enters high value (>2000) in form, then it goes to URL1.
If the customer enters medium value (>=1000) in form, then it goes to URL2.
If the customer enters low value (<1000) in form, then it goes to URL3.

I tried to do it with javascript, jquery to get those values by id, then use if logic to control URL redirect
$(’#clickmebind’).bind(“click”, function(){ })

but once all values are entered, it will always go to the URL you entered for form confirmation. Is there anyway to disable that form confirmation or does unbounce provide better resolutions?

Thanks in advanced.


Yes, this is possible. There’s a script for this someone posted a while back. Here it is:

I was able to get it working when I tested it.

Just make sure to use the script that is lower down in that thread. The one at the top is not formatted properly.

Also, make sure you check the box to append the responses as URL parameters, and leave the default form confirmation URL blank.

Let me know if you have trouble with it.


Thank you, this worked for me!!


Glad to hear that!