Is it possible to dynamically change assigned MailChimp-Groups?


vague title, better explanation:

I have a video on my landingpage that I want people to see because it’s good. It’s already possible to assign leads to a MailChimp Group when setting up the integration in Unbounce.
Now what I want to do is, as soon as the visitor clicks on the video to start it, I want him to be assigned a second group, IF he signs up of course.

That way I know which of my email subscribers have already seen the video and I can send the ones who haven’t it again.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible, but maybe I have luck.

Thanks and best regards!


Hi @Noah_Krasser,

It should be possible to assign leads to a group based on an action taken.

However, you would have to do it through the Mailchimp API.

Here is the relevant documentation for it to get you started.