Is it possible to determine LP variant based on IP address?

Has anyone had any luck in trying this? If so, I’d be interested in seeing how you got this to work! Thanks so much!

Hey @Tiffer,

Can you elaborate a bit more on your question? What does the LP variant has to do with an IP address?

Variants are used to split traffic equally so you can test a hypothesis.

Are you interested in creating a landing page that is specific for a given IP address? Trying to personalize the page?


Our client wants to have someone go to Variant A if they live in New Jersey, or Variant B if they live in Florida (by detecting the area of where their IP address is).

Hi @Tiffer,

I wouldn’t use variants this way. Instead, create a redirect page that does the redirecting and after that create a new page for each State.

The actual redirect page is pretty straight forward, use an API to determine the State and redirect based on a pre-set rules and a possible fallback if the State can’t be determined.