Is it normal to have 50% discrepancy from FB ads clicks to unbounce visits?


Currently running a FB ad campaign with a dedicated unbounce landing page , I noticed a 50% discrepancy in clicks as reported by FB ads manger to visits as reported by Unbounce (10,000 clicks vs 5,000 visits) , is this normal ? kinda frustrating to loose 50% of the clicks you paid for
screen shots attached


Hi Teng - while there will still be some discrepancy between statistics in Unbounce and other platforms (this is due to different types of spam filtering), you’re likely seeing a large variance in this case, because Facebook counts total clicks (more on that here:…), while Visits in Unbounce counts only unique views.

If you click through from that All Pages screen into the Page Overview of one of your pages, you’ll see stats for total Views as well as Visits. Views should more closely match your clicks in Facebook’s ad tracking.