iPhone video isn't playing back properly


I’m trying to embed a YouTube video on an Unbounce page. The native size of the video is 640px by 385px. It works fine on a web page.

On an iPhone, the embed reverts to its original size, disregarding preferred dimensions. At 640x385, the YouTube frame appears atop the rest of the content, obscuring the title, bullet points, etc.

Next, when I change the embed script to resize the frame to 320px wide by 264px tall, the frame appears but the video refuses to play.

Example: http://labs.connectme360.com/skyy


Hi Connectme - thanks for pointing this out.

We’re looking into the problem and hope to have some feedback for you fairly soon.

iPhone functionality is growing in importance for us (not least because we have been seeing some great interest in Unbounce from iPhone and iPad developers who want to use landing pages to promote their products.)


hi Connectme - seems like the main problem here (if I read you correctly) is that the mobile version of Safari that is found on the iPhone does not support Flash. The YouTube embeddable video player is a Flash app so it also doesn’t work in Safari on the iPhone. In fact, pretty much all embeddable video players (YoutTube, Vimeo etc) are Flash applications and therefore will not work within the browser on the iPhone.

To get around this, the iPhone opens up the Youtube iPhone app in order to play the video in a dedicated frame - trouble is (as you pointed-out,) the Youtube app then replaces Safari on your screen for the duration of the video.

While we realize this is less than optimal from a landing page perspective (it would be great to have the call-to-action etc remain accessible *while* the video is playing,) the issue here is really to do with the restrictions of the mobile version of Safari and not the Unbounce page publisher.

Does this at least address the issue for you? Let me know if I have missed something here…


Nope, missed it. I understand the Flash on iPhone issue. The issue is that when I define the dimensions of the videobox using the controls that Unbounce gives me, the video frame renders correctly on a desktop web browser but the dimension specifications are ignored on the iPhone. Consequently, the video frame reverts to its original size, blocking out the rest of the content on the iPhone-rendered Unbounce landing page.


Hi connectme

Would you be available for a phone call during the next hour-or-so? Two of our team members available to see if we can get to the bottom of this for you and find a solution.

We have been looking at your page here and everything seems to be working as expected. Seems like either you are trying to do something we don’t yet understand or you are experiencing a problem that we aren’t able to replicate.

Our toll-free number is 1-888-515-9161

We do want to get to the bottom of this for you so please give us a call if you have a moment.


Let me know what time is convenient to talk. In the meantime here is a screenshot of what I’m getting:


Ah! - now I see - thank you for the screenshot.

We are seeing something different to this when we test your page.

I am going to switch this conversation over to email, send you a screenshot of what we are seeing and arrange a time for a phone conversation with the guys who are working on the editor.


Looks like whatever you did is working for that UnBounce page.

Looks like it solved things for that page only: getting resize problem at

The good news is at least the video plays now. Thanks!!


Thanks for the phone call today Connectme! Glad we could sort the problem out for you.


Very happy with the proactive service by Jason Murphy and the UnBounce team.

(And let me know if I can coin any new verbiage to help you describe the shiny awesomeness that is UnBounce. :slight_smile:


having an issue with a iphone not showing a utube video on this work we are doing,

the page is this - http://unbouncepages.com/oracle-test/

could some one have a look and see if we are doing anything wrong ?



Hey Tom - I double checked and it looks like it’s related to YouTube’s embed code. You’re currently using their old embed code so if you head back to YouTube, uncheck 'Use old embed code", then paste the new code into Unbounce, the video should work on the iPhone.


thanks - all sorted now.