Would love it if unbound developed an iPad app - it’s a great platform for on the go design. It would be wonderful if even the web app allowed uploads from the iPad’s photo library.

I’d pay extra for this functionality.


Hi Linda! Thanks for the suggestion, that *would* be pretty slick. Where do you find yourself wanting this? Coffee shop? Train? Working with customers? Tell us more!


I would love to use this on my ipad on the daily Amtrak commute. I think that would be amazing. Unbounce is just amazing and this would make it even more cool :wink:


Hi Carl! Thanks for the quick reply.

I would want this everywhere - car, coffee shop, couch, bed, meeting, demo situation with client, Christmas party to avoid small talk… I’d like to be able to throw up a landing page for any of a # of projects when the mood strikes.

I find the app in the iPad’s native safari to be a bit cramped and slow. iMockups has a pretty smooth interface - I realize unbounce is more sophisticated, and would probably be a much more advanced coding project.

I definitely want to be able to design using as much of the screen real estate as possible, would want to add pics from the library; and would want to check metrics.

I was at a Christmas thing last night where it would have been *perfect* to whip out the iPad and show some guys exactly what unbound could do on the go - we were discussing shitty/impossible to grab conversions landing pages. There’d have been no easy way to do that using the native browser though.

Besides, I didn’t bring the iPad - no use given the unbounce app hasn’t been released yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While I’m dreaming here, collaboration with clients and co-workers would be nice - sharing designs and ideas back and forth on the pad…


at the moment using unbounce through safari isn’t that great.

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It would be awesome to have an iPAD app for unbounce.


While a native iPad app would be great, the existing web ‘app’ is almost functional within Safari. I can select objects and change properties, unfortunately double-tapping to enter edit mode for a text box instead results in zooming in and out.

If you all could simply have a edit button appear above the selected text box when selected and/or enable an Edit button in the toolbar when a text box is selected, that should be all that is needed.

Obviously being able to add an image would be nice too, but as long as access to uploaded images in the library still works, that’s a lesser need than editing text boxes.

So close, but so far away.

This is important to us as we are issuing iPads to employees instead of computers now.


btw on ipad mini I can’t use unbounce at all since there is an error message:

“Hey, wha haaapen?! Your browser’s zoom setting is not supported.
To get back at it, hit “Ctrl” (“Cmd” on a Mac) plus"0”. On most browsers this will reset your zoom to 100%."

Then imockup is the only solution for me.


Hey dd - the page editor itself isn’t fully supported on tablets unfortunately. If you’re able to edit your pages on a Mac or PC using either Safari, Chrome or Firefox, that’s your best bet.