iOS smart app banner not working


I’m trying to add an iOS smart app banner to my landing page, so it shows up on the mobile web version. Instructions here:

However, the smart banner doesn’t show up after I add the following meta tag to the of the page:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID">

Does Unbounce support iOS smart app banners, or is there some sort of conflict with the tag?


Hey Cezary! Thanks for reaching out. :relaxed:

I don’t know of any limitations on Unbounce’s side - however, if that’s the exact code you’re using on your page, that might be what’s causing the issue.

Each of those tags used, for example “myAppStoreID” is a placeholder that should be replaced with your app ID’s.

If you need help finding your app ID’s, here’s what I found in the article you sent:
To find your app ID from the iTunes Link Maker, type the name of your app in the Search field, and select the appropriate country and media type. In the results, find your app and select iPhone App Link in the column on the right. Your app ID is the nine-digit number in between id and ?mt.

Let me know how that goes! Happy Friday! :beers: