Invisible reCAPTCHA integration


We have been receiving a lot of spam through our Unbounce landing page and we came across the Google invisible reCAPTCHA as a potential solution.

As the page is built using Unbounce we aren’t able to access the back end code for the page or add custom HTML attributes to the form submit button.

By default Unbounce doesn’t use an ID on the form.

So the question is, Would it be possible to integrate invisible reCAPTCHA with limited front end access to the page?


Unfortunately it’s not possible to implement reCAPTCHA directly to your Unbounce form. However, there are other ways to prevent spam submissions. I’d suggest taking a look at this post in the community here.

Another option would be to embed an external form that allows this functionality to your landing page, using the Custom HTML widget! You can find it on the widgets section, on the left of the builder shown in a screenshot here.

Let me know if those work for you. :slight_smile:


My Google rep recommended adding Invisible reCAPTCHA to my form to stop some display fraud.

Disappointed to see I cannot do this with Unbounce.