Invalid email error in webhook


When I try to use the webhook, I get an invalid email error. If I use the same exact URL outside of Unbounce, I can confirm that it is working correctly. I believe there is an issue with the email address in the form feeding into the URL parameter.

Here’s an example of the URL (I’ve replaced my domain with mycompany):…

To check the URL structure, I replaced the variables with actual data and confirmed that it is working as expected.


Hey Heather - I took a gander at your account and didn’t see any pages with a WebHook integration. I’ve opened a support ticket so I can ask you a few questions. Check your email!


Hey Heather - Johnny let me know he helped you with your WebHook. I’m delighted to hear that we got that sorted! For any other curious cats in our community, we modified title=(title) to title=(job_title) as the form ID in Heather’s form ‘job title’ is 'job_title.