Introducing the Unbounce Pro Marketplace!

Hey folks! Exciting update here in the community!

Introducing the Unbounce Pro Marketplace! :tada:

Over the years we’ve seen that one of the biggest benefits of this community is getting to connect with some of our power users and see the amazing work they do for their clients.

Starting today, we now have a dedicated list of Unbounce Pros who have been pre-approved to help launch your campaigns, or take your existing campaigns and throw in a bit of rocket fuel :rocket:

Within the Unbounce Pro Marketplace, I’ll be adding to an ever-growing list of Unbounce Pros that you can contact to help take your marketing strategy to the next level. I’ll link to dedicated posts that include client testimonials, screenshots of some of their work, what sort of things they specialize in, and contact info.

These Pros have each been pre-approved by the Unbounce team for having a friendly and helpful demeanour, and demonstrate a deep understanding of Unbounce, best practices for CRO, and the Marketing Intelligence principles that we aim to foster here in the community.

Keep an eye out for updates here as we add to our list!

Want to see your name on this list? Here’s where to start:

  1. Get active in the community. :speaking_head: Each Unbounce Pro has spent countless hours here in the community helping other members find solutions to their problems, and help them strategize their marketing efforts.
  2. Once you’ve spent some time here helping out, send me a message here in the community :wave: (if I haven’t already reached out to you). We’ll get the ball rolling and I’ll send you a short questionnaire to get to know you a bit better.
  3. Flex your marketing muscles. :muscle: If you have ideas or questions about what’s going on in the world of marketing, or have a great workaround to share, or have thoughts on something shared on the Unbounce blog – post it!

We hope you find this useful!

See you in the forums!



Do you only have 4 in your pro’s section?

Hey Richard, yes right now there’s just 4 because it’s brand new, but as I mentioned this list will grow over time. :slight_smile:


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Nice, yeah those guys have tons of posts I’ve read and learned from! Will reach out if I see an opportunity to match their expertise. Thanks!


I’ll be keeping my eye out, Eddie :grin:

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Why am I getting others replies?

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Hi Richard, I’ve just sent you instructions to adjust your notification settings. :slight_smile:

Hey Jess can you send me the questionnaire to be able to get on this list?



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Hey Renny! I’m glad you asked :slight_smile: before I send any questionnaires out – here’s a starting point:

As you can see, engagement in the community is key :key: I’ll keep an eye out for you in the forums!



Hello @Jess,

That’s a great idea. Is it open for European countries as well like France ?


@julien_level Absolutely, some of these pros are based in Europe :slight_smile:


Hi @Jess,

I have a legal client in LA, criminal defense niche. Very competitive. I run PPC and can get top of impressions and high CTR.

What we need though is:

  1. Higher converting landers
  2. Higher quality scores
  3. GEO personalization code is installed
  4. Would like DKI set up and I’ll mirror the DKI in each PPC campaign
  5. We could look at 1-2 campaigns per month in total there’s about 9 areas of law all criminal defense.

I built out a page and there’s metrics to go off of but it took me a long time to do. So reaching out here.

What I can do is answer any questions then intro you to the client. Billing and whatnot could be done direct.

He’s a swell guy and we all know not everyone deserves a good defense but he wins his cases defending criminals namely those in need of proper representations and in need of being represented in the best light to recieve fair justice.

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Hey @Akkysia!

I’m not sure if anyone has already responded to you directly, but if you’re still searching to hire an Unbounce Pro the best place to start is reaching out to someone directly. Each post in the list of Unbounce Pros will have a line that tells you the best way to get in touch.

Hopefully you’ve been able to get this sorted, sorry for the delay on getting back to you here!