Introducing the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report


It’s been almost three solid years since I joined the Unbounce team. I remember my first day quite vividly, as it was jam packed with learning about landing pages, a/b testing, optimization and conversion rates. It all made sense, but it left me with one burning question…

“What exactly is a good conversion rate?” :thinking:

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person who was curious. For the next three years I would be on the receiving end of this question, time and time again, by inquisitive marketers from all over the globe. And my response up until recently has generally been:

“It depends.” :flushed:

… which is as about as uninformative as it is anticlimactic.

The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to say what a “good” or “bad” conversion rate is. There are an exuberant number of data points and factors that go into the equation; it’s nearly impossible for any one person to answer.

To find the answer to this million dollar question, you would first need access to a ridiculous amount of landing page data. Then you would need to hire a super-smart team of data scientists, engineers and conversion rate optimizers to help interpret the data and present it in a useable, informative way.

Which is exactly what we did.

Introducing our very first Conversion Benchmark Report

In this 73 page report, we analyzed 74,551,421 visitors across 64,284 lead gen landing pages and distilled the data to find the average conversion rates by industry. Head over to the blog and download your copy now.

:link: Unbounce Blog :: Conversion Benchmark Report

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Have you read through the Conversion Benchmark Report yet? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you liked, loved or hoped to see more of. We’re all ears!


Hey there,

Let me get this right…

  • I’ve just received an email.
  • I clicked through to download the thing.
  • The thing asks for my email address.
  • What. Why!? You already have it. You just emailed me.
  • I bailed. I don’t want the thing because this is unnecessary for


Hey @brett_montrose – thanks for the feedback. You received the email because you’ve subscribed to the Community, which is separate from the Unbounce blog.

Even still, we have some nifty tools in place that should automatically populate your email in download form on the blog, but it looks like they’re not firing for everyone. :confounded: Sorry about that!

I’ll reach out to you directly. Hang tight.


How soon can you do one for home service providers like plumbers, HVAC or



ryan kulp
founder, fomo
affiliate program


Hey Justin,

this is a very interesting document. However, I think you’re missing a BIG
point by not segmenting the data based on the traffic source.

In fact, traffic quality can have a huge impact on the conversion rate. If
you ignore this I think it can be meaningless to compare your conversion
rate with your industry… How can you compare the conversion rate of the
traffic coming from Facebook with the one from (let’s say) your loyal

What are your thoughts on this?
All the best,


Hi Andrea, you are absolutely right, source/medium has impact on your landing page conversion rate. We are going to add this segmented view in our next benchmark report.

This is our first report, and we spent our energy making sure we could get quality data here first (pulling and handling data from 64,284 lead gen pages and millions of sessions is a massive undertaking).

While I agree that adding the more granular view of source, I would certainly not say that this report is meaningless as it gives markters good average numbers to use for reference (might come in handy when talking to your boss or clients).

We really appreciate your input - actually we’re really grateful for all input as this is our first report and part of the reason why we published it is to get valuable input like you just gave us : )

Have a fantastic day!

  • Michael


Hi Michael,

thank for your reply, I totally agree with you.

Keep up with the good work, I’m really looking forward to seeing the next
Have a great weekend,

2017-03-31 22:43 GMT+02:00 Michael Lykke Aagaard <


I have the physical copy of this report but wanted to share the digital version with my coworker. It’s super frustrating that the link to download the report now only leads to the landing page analyzer tool. The linked page even references the benchmark report with no option to download it.


Hey Allison, thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll definitely look into that and let you know as soon as those links are updated.


Hi Allison!

I think I know the page you’re referring to – we did a bit of shuffling around/housekeeping, so this is good for us to know it wasn’t where you thought it’d be. The digital report copies can be accessed here:

Thanks for passing it on to your coworker :slight_smile:


I figured it was lost in the shuffle. Thanks for the followup.