Introducing: The One-Stop Popup Shop! 💥



This. Is. Huge.

A lot of folks here at Unbounce have been very hard at work to build one of our newest resources for people who are new (or very familiar) with popups and sticky bars.

I give you…

The One-Stop Popup Shop :boom:

It’s a microsite that features tons of helpful content, such as…

  • 34 new templates and instructions for using them
  • Hacks for advanced users
  • Customer success stories
  • Documentation on implementing the most effective popups and stickybars
  • Recommendations for URL targeting, advanced targeting, triggering and frequency
  • Previews of popups and sticky bars on your live websites

The popup shop was built in-house by some of our insanely talented designers and content creators. They’ve spent months diving into ways that they can provide worldclass resources for our customers who are on the fence about adopting popups, or if they’ve already adopted and want to take it to the next level. There’s something for EVERYONE! Plus a customer story from one of our community celebrities @Zoe_Tattersall! :star:

Check :point_right: It :point_right: Out :point_right: HERE!

I seriously can’t wait for you all to check this out. Let us know what you think in the comments below :point_down:

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Haha “celebrity”. Thanks for the feature Jess! :slight_smile: