Introducing: The Community Leaders Program

Hello you brilliant, conversion-hungry marketers! I’m really, really excited to tell you about one of our newest programs here in the community, and if you’re reading this message you’ve already got a leg up on the competition.

Introducing the Community Leaders Program :muscle:

The Community Leaders Program is designed to recognize this community’s most engaged members. Y’know, the ones who check this forum each week, respond to posts and help other marketers with their strategies (‘cause we all need some help from time to time). These are the folks with a detailed community bio, who demonstrate conversion-centered expertise in one or more areas of digital marketing, and provide in-depth responses that help others get from variant A to variant B (… and C and D).

What are the perks of being in the Community Leaders Program? Glad you asked.

  • An invite to a private Unbounce Slack channel with the other Community Leaders, myself, and over 25 other Unbouncers ready to chat :speech_balloon:
  • A free ticket to our annual Call To Action Conference in Vancouver, BC (when it’s safe to travel and gather in large groups) :tickets:
  • A shiny new Community Leader badge that shows the rest of the community that you’re an all-star :star:
  • First-dibs on new Unbounce swag (we’re launching a new store full of Unbounce merch next month, keep an eye out) :tshirt:

What does it take to become a Community Leader?

  • You’re a regular here in the community. It’s not required, but it helps to have a headshot so that we can all recognize you. You don’t just read the forum, you add your two cents.

:bangbang: An important detail I’d like to point out here is this: Community Leaders don’t need to be marketing rocket scientists, but it’s cool if you are. What we’re looking for above all else is community members who keep this community thriving. Sometimes you may not have all the answers, but you’re creative and can find the resources to point others in the right direction. Maybe that’s a podcast, a link to some documentation, or a blog you’ve been reading.

  • You have a friendly and helpful demeanour. This means you can critique a landing page without sounding like a jerk.
  • Bonus points for not just talking about the Unbounce product.
    Wait, what? Isn’t this the Unbounce Community?
    Yes, but it’s also a community that exists to empower people to become better marketers. Marketing strategy goes beyond the Unbounce builder, so if there are tools or blogs or tweets out there that are interesting or have helped you in your day-to-day, share it here!

How do I join the Community Leaders Program?

  1. Get active here in the forum, if you haven’t already. Having a headshot helps us to recognize you.
  2. Visit the Community Leaders Program landing page and fill in the forum.
  3. I’ll reach out to you we can get the ball rolling.

If you haven’t already, you can reach out to any of our existing @Community-Leaders and ask them about their experience. They’re not shy!

Feel free to check out this landing page with more information, or share with anyone in your network who you think may be interested :smiley:

Questions? Give me a shout in the thread below :point_down:

Happy page building



Very cool! I’ll admit I haven’t commented and engaged as much as I could but this initiative will motivate me to do more of that :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!


That’s music to my ears, Michael! Looking forward to chatting!

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This is something like a cool😀
Likewise to become a leader, for unbounce community. Help me to become one guys🙂

Good information thanks for sharing

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