Introducing Stamplay


If you’ve ever tried to build an integration between two tools by using their API’s, then you’ve likely ran into unexpected roadblocks and misfired calls which can result in endless, mind-numbing frustration. Luckily our good friends at Stamplay have developed an easy to use solution to solve all of life’s API problems.

Stamplay is the low code development platform to integrate APIs and automate your tasks across on-premise, cloud apps and databases.

In other words, Stamplay allows you to build incredible workflows using API’s as if they were building blocks. Think of it like IFTTT, but for developers. Thanks to our new API, Stamplay has now included Unbounce in their long list of integration connectors, earning them a coveted spot on our Featured API Developer roster. :api_developer: :tada:

Building with Stamplay

Building with Stamplay is really easy. You can start either with pre-built Blueprints (which are essentially project templates), or you can use their visual workflow engine and build your own custom workflows.

If you hang out in the Unbounce Community often, you might have already met CEO and Co-Founder @Giuliano_Iacobelli, or seen Stamplay shared in the wild, such as this blog post that shows how to create a call-back landing page using Unbounce and Twilio.

But there’s so much more you can do, such as separating Unbounce leads based on whether or not their used a*personal email address, allowing you to organize leads into different Mailchimp lists, and even create custom Facebook audiences tailored for consumers vs. corporate leads.

Stamplay also comes with out of the box storage that allows users to save/read/query data during Flows’ execution so that you can preserve context or meaningful data around your flows.

Getting Started

Here’s the kicker: anyone can start building workflows in Stamplay, right now, for free. You can even create as many projects on the free plan as you want. There are also no premium-only connectors, so any third party service can be connected on the free plan (including Unbounce). Click here to create your free account.

Interested in becoming a Featured Unbounce API Developer? Show us what you’re working on in Projects & Stories and we’ll take it from there.