Introducing LeadsRX


If you’re a marketer, there’s a good chance you spend a chunk of your time analyzing your advertising campaigns so that you can spend more in the areas that are worth your while. This is especially true with landing pages, where it’s critical to know how your various inbound campaigns are performing in terms of form completion.

@LeadsRx will track the complete customer journey for people who complete forms on your Unbounce landing pages. The system collects information about which advertisement may have been clicked as well as direct visits, referred visits, and more.

LeadsRx is a marketer’s dream. It’s a marketing attribution tool that constantly monitors inbound marketing programs to see which are driving conversions and which can be dropped. There’s no guessing with LeadsRx. Marketers now have definitive, analytic proof telling them how each program compares, and how they all work together.

With 7 different attribution models, real-time data reporting and platform integrations (to get cost data), LeadsRx is an invaluable tool for just about any marketer.

Integrate with LeadsRx

LeadsRx uses the Unbounce oAuth authentication approach to easily and securing connect to your Unbounce account. Then, just point and click to the specific landing pages you want LeadsRx to track. Disable tracking at any time.


Getting Started

Log in to your LeasRx account or sign-up for a free trial.

  1. Log in to your LeadsRx account
  2. Select the Integrations option on the drop-down menu, under the name of your company at the top right of any page.
  3. Select Setup on the Unbounce integration panel
  4. On the Unbounce Setup page, Click Edit to enter your Unbounce account credentials
  5. Once you have authorized the integration, you’ll see a list of Accounts, Clients, Page Groups, and Pages. Click the Enable button to begin tracking conversions on the pages you want.

That’s it!

If you have any questions for the LeadsRX team, just leave a comment below in the comments, or message @leadsrx directly here in the Community. :slight_smile:

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Sounds pretty cool, I signed up for the trial. It seems like it may be quite complicated to set up though (I was hoping connecting it to unbounce would be about all I needed to do).

As someone with 100+ published landing pages across multiple domains and geographies, I’m wondering if this is going to complicate my life more than improve it, but we will see.


Yup, as I feared, it seems even though I’ve integrated it with unbounce, I still have to manually set up conversion tracking for every single page, manually?



Does LeadsRx integrate with Salesforce Campaigns?

Best Regards,

Dan Ferrara
IT Manager


Hi Daniel… take a look at these articles from Unbounce:

Looks like a pretty easy way to manage scripts that you need across multiple pages. Unfortunately, we can’t add scripts programmatically, so it’s a manual step for now ;-(



No, not at this time. LeadsRx can do the following things with Salesforce:

  1. Push conversion profiles along with lead source information and full attribution paths.

  2. Retrieve pipeline data to see how marketing touchpoints contribute to pipeline deals.

  3. Retrieve revenue from Won Opportunities to show Return on Ad Spend.



So I have Unbounce connected via API to LeadsRX. I have the leads RX pixel on every page.

But I’m not seeing any conversion information, I have to create each conversion manually?



I expected when I connected Unbounce to LeadsRX it would automatically pick up the form submissions as conversions?


Hi Daniel,

It looks like you need to enable pages under the Unbounce setup. I have added Andy our lead tech who can assist us.



Oh I see the problem. I had to go into the Unbounce intergration and click “enable all” the way “enable” was shaded blue, and disable was shaded grey, I presume they were already enabled.

Hopefully that has sorted it.