Earlier this week we launched a new API Developer Community to help bring together devs from all over the world in a space where they could connect, build and share incredible integrations that were built using our API.

Today I’m happy to announce one of our very first Featured API Developers: was built to connect all your cloud applications with amazing ease. Using a simple interface, you can automate marketing, sales processes, payments or any business processes in minutes.

It’s super easy to get started, too. All you have to do is create a bot which will run each time a new lead is collected from your Unbounce landing page. Here’s a quick walkthrough that shows how you can connect Unbounce and Slack in seconds.

There’s other neat ways to link your favourite apps, too. For instance, you can back-up all of your leads into a Google Sheet, send an email via Gmail on new form entries, and more. You can even connect to apps like GoToWebinar, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot CRM , PipeDrive, Slack and 50+ other apps within seconds. You can even create multi-step automations for even more convenience.

Multi-App Workflows

  1. Lead fills out a form in Unbounce
  2. Add them to a lead nurturing campaign in MailChimp
  3. Wait 4 days
  4. Check the lead score or email open rate in MailChimp (using logic)
  5. If it’s good, create a contact in Salesforce

Connect with the Team

If you end up building a unique workflow, or have any questions for their team, be sure to tag @automateio in the Community and let them know!

Want to create some time-saving workflows? Check out the Unbounce integration at and get started today.

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