Introduce yourself to the community! 👋

Hey team!

Welcome to the Unbounce Community (or, welcome back)! On behalf of all of Unbounce, we’re so stoked to have you here!

I’m @Jess! :wave:

You may remember me from such introduction threads as this one, and this other one as well. As you can see, we have a few. But I’d like to start fresh!

Perhaps you’re new to Unbounce and are looking for tips on building your first landing page, or maybe we go waaaay back and you’re looking to share all your Unbounce-y knowledge with the rest of us! Either way, this is the best place to start.

Let’s go through the ice breakers…

Where are you from?
What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it?
What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help?
What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film?
What’s your favourite .gif?

Don’t be shy! We’re all a friendly bunch!

Aaaand, go!


I suppose I can start!

I’m Jess! I’m the Online Community Strategist here at Unbounce, and I love all things community! I’ve been part of the Unbounce fam for almost two years and loving every minute of it. Mostly because I get the best of both worlds (the team and the customers) :blue_heart:

I like to think of myself as being like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption… I’m the guy who can get you things (except, y’know, I’m a woman… And we’re not in prison). What I mean is, if you’re looking for some help in your campaigns, if I’m not the person who can help you directly, I know someone who can.

I grew up here in rainy Vancouver, and when I’m not at the office I’m either…

  • Tending to my many houseplants
  • Playing softball / soccer / volleyball / golf
  • Cheering on the Vancouver Canucks (despite where they are in the standings…)

My favourite Tom Hanks film is a tie between A League of Their Own, Toy Story (all of them), and Catch Me If You Can. (Fun fact, here at the Unbounce office, one of our technical support team members has earrings with Tom Hanks’ face on them.)

I lurk here in the community all day, every day, so let’s get to know each other!

Seeya around!


Hey @Jess and all!

I’m in the land of meat pies, the best waves and sunshine (Australia). I’m from Melbourne but have been moving my way up the east coast and settled in my dream beach life location, Coolangatta (on the Superbank for any surfers in here).

I have two businesses (both that I use Unbounce for a lot!) –

  • I freelance digital design & marketing –
    Mostly for SMBs, startups and entrepreneurs. I started this in August '17 after I moved on from my last full-time job (byeeeee #joblife), so currently my “website” is a single Unbounce landing page I whipped up. One day I’ll design and build my actual website when my clients stop asking me to do things for them all the time! :wink: :joy:
  • I have a healthy eating program/products business with my partner –
    AAALLLL these pages are on Unbounce (except the blog). Been working with the products for about 9 years and created the program just over 5 years ago now. We have team throughout Australia and globally that partner with us and promote it.
  • I’m also studying nutrition/health coaching right now to expand on this passion and create another brand later this year. Because two businesses are not enough right?!

Right now, I’m working through our many Unbounce pages to get them compliant with the GDPR changes coming soon. Not the most fun task! Otherwise, I have a few client projects with Unbounce pages that are launching soon.

Favourite Tom Hanks film has got to be The Green Mile … or Turner and Hooch. :dog:

Favourite GIF – gosh so many! Let’s go with my spirit animal.



Awesome thread!

Hey Unbouncers, let’s do this! :wave:

Where are you from? - Boca Raton, Florida. The land of sunshine and bad drivers.

What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it? - I run a small growth marketing consultancy and we specialize in Unbounce landing page design, testing, and optimization. I’ve been doing marketing for about 8 years now.

What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help? - Everything! Unbounce is an all-day, every day thing for us. It’s the #1 tool we use. And yes, we’re always interested in speaking with fellow Unbounce designers, who are looking for freelance work.

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film? - Forrest Gump of course! It’s my all-time favorite movie actually. :nerd_face:

What’s your favourite .gif? - This one, because it’s basically what I do all day…



Where are you from? Brighton, England - born in Papua New Guinea

What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it? I started Digital Oyster a few (3-4) years back, which is going from strength to strength. We specialise in Native Marketing and run volume lead gen campaigns.

Right now we’re up to around 12 people and approaching 10m annual turnover.

I have been in marketing for around 17 years - first as a trainee list broker when i was 18.

What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help? - Like Nicolas’s answer - everything!

Unbounce underpins all of our campaigns - that’s allot of pages were continuously working on and optimising.

Do we need any help? - almost certainly, but i’m not sure with exactly what right now… I was told the other day it would be extremely helpful to be able to apply pops / sticky bars across multiple domains.

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film? hmm just googled Tom Hanks films to refresh my memory - theres allot of good ones!

I’m struggling to pick one from:

Catch Me if You Can
Saving Private Ryan
The Green Mile - this one - it’s had to say any are better than this!

The Terminal looks interesting - I’ll have to watch that…

What’s your favourite .gif? hmm - this one sticks in my mind!:



Hey Zoe!

First offf…

I definitely didn’t know that Australia was known for that! I would’ve figured it would be something about dingos or shrimp on the barbie.

I’m hearing about this more and more often. I know @Alex_Scovell is in the process of this to mitigate any Wordpress stress. I’ve heard arguments going both ways about making landing pages feel like a website, but I’m thinking if it’s easier to operate, the better!

I’ve looked at this through an Instagram lens and good lord, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful looking meals in my life.

Nice call on Tom Hanks movies, those both pull on the ol’ heart strings :heart::sob:

Keep kicking ass in the community (and everywhere else!)


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Hiii Nicholas! :wave:
(AKA landing page feedback extraordinaire) :star:

This begs the question, should we just create a category for Unbounce users looking for freelance work, or collaboration opportunities? I’d be curious to see what other members would think about that :thinking:

Fun fact about Forrest Gump… I won a contest at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Maui for knowing the most Forrest Gump trivia. My winning answer was the name of the bus driver who picks up Forrest on his way to school :trophy: I should put that on my LinkedIn.

Thanks again for all your commitment, it’s invaluable!! :raised_hands: :spinbounce:

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Hey Alex! :wave: long time no see! (But not really because we just got out of a meeting :smirk: )

Was this here in the community or someone at Digital Oyster? It’s definitely worth an upvote in the Feature Request category :heavy_plus_sign:

As for that .gif… I was definitely caught off guard :joy: but then it occurred to me, is that from Game of Thrones? That’s got to be one of the worst (or best) villains ever created.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! See you around in the forums! :wave:

hello again @Jess :wave:

That was a colleague at Digital Oyster - i’ll head over to feature requests :slight_smile:

Yes, Game of Thrones - is it very popular over there? hugely popular here and rightly so imo :slight_smile:

VERY popular. When the season is running, it’s the conversation in our lunch room every single day.

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haha ok maybe Australia isn’t exactly famous for it’s meat pies – but it probably popped into my head after seeing Will Smith trying to eat one when he visited here recently. :joy:

Yessss that was exactly why I did it on an Unbounce page … it’s just now I’m finding I have more work to display so starting to think it may be better to put it on WordPress and have more of a portfolio. Not in any rush!

And thank you! Healthy food is my thanggggg :smiley:

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Hi Everyone! :wave:

I’m Steph, a Senior Customer Success Manager here at Unbounce. What does this mean? In short, I work with our Enterprise customers to expand their usage of Unbounce and reach their conversion goals. From chatting through potential page designs and page flows, to giving feedback on how to incorporate new features and best practices on landing pages, to training sessions to get new team members ramped up on Unbounce, each day is a little different!

On a personal level, I’m a big fan of emojis, pandas, and sneakers. And nuggets. It would really be great if there was a nugget emoji.

I’m based out of our Vancouver office with Jess. In fact, I sit right behind her and am going to self-proclaim to be “featured” in her gif. :camera_flash:


What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film?

I too had to Google this for a full list! It’s a tough call but I think I’ll have to go with Catch Me If You Can, followed very closely by the Toy Story movies.

What’s your favourite .gif?

Back to how much I love :panda_face:s. This always gets a smile on my face:



I’m Paige and I’m the Director of Engineering at Unbounce. My role is to provide career management for the Engineering department including hiring, training, professional development, and supporting the most delightful engineering team on the planet. I’ve been with Unbounce a year today but I have come from a long career in video games before this.

My favourite Tom Hanks film is Toy Story since I have a lot of fond memories of my daughter playing with Buzz Lightyear.

In honour of The Big Lebowski’s 20th anniversary, I give you this multipurpose, nicely-looping gif:


Well heck! Happy 1 Year Unniversary, @Paige!!! :spinbounce: :tada: :parrot:

I’d love to see more conversations around career management and fostering awesome teams, I know the @Unbounce-Experts spoke a bit about this at the panel before CTA Conf last year and it got a ton of buzz from the attendees. I know there are many people here in the community who are managing teams who could definitely benefit from your brilliance!

Thanks for taking a minute to post in here :raised_hands:

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This is some of the bread and butter of this community, I’ll definitely be calling on you to jump into some of the conversations here. I’m stoked you found some time to pop into the community, hopefully we’ll be seeing you in here more often (otherwise, I’ll just swivel my chair around a say hi!) :smiley:

Hey guys! Excited to meet all of you.

Where are you from? Montreal, Canada :snowflake:

What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it? I am the co-founder of Webistry :rocket: We’re specialized in PPC and Landing Pages (LPO/CRO). We’ve been around since 2012 but rebranded as Webistry in 2014.

What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help? We’re currently integrating a page for a new healthcare customer. Eager to see the results!f

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film? Captain Phillips :cowboy_hat_face:

What’s your favourite .gif? My face when we hit our conversion goals!


Where are you from?
I am originally from Bedford, MA (a sleepy little bucolic town in Massachusetts USA) we had one stop light when I was growing up… it was a big deal when we got the second one.

What kind of business are you in? And how long have you been doing it?
I work at a digital marketing agency. I have been here for 4+ years.
What are you working on in Unbounce right now? Do you need any help?
Today I spent some time building a new popup for a client. I love the popup/sticky features as it allows me to do things to sites regardless of the CMS.
What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film?
Um, let’s go with Big.
What’s your favourite .gif?
As a gen X’er I do not have a very strong .gif game. I tend to use this one from time to time.



Hi folks! :wave:

I’m Tania and I’m the Social Media Coordinator here at Unbounce! If you’ve been following our social channels for a bit, you may recognize my name from the ^Tania at the end of Unbounce’s replies.

(Unfortunately I also sometimes put ^Tania at the end of my personal tweets which always makes me mentally facepalm.)

When I’m not tending to Unbounce’s social channels (or checking my own!), I’m:

  • hunting for new music and going to as many gigs as I can
  • seeking adventures in my city and around the world
  • cooing at every cat I see

Where are you from?
I was born in Montreal and grew up here in Vancouver, also known as Raincouver. We’re about to get a few days straight of sun so I’m very excited! :sunny:

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks film?
Catch Me If You Can (it has such catchy music too!)

What’s your favourite .gif?
Ooo, very tough! I just love so many. I see and use .gifs all the time so it’s hard to chose…

Okay let’s go with:



Hola Amigos! :wave:

I’m @Julia_Pineda, an Agency Account Executive here at Unbounce. I love learning and understanding my client’s business needs, showing them how our conversion platform works and helping them scale and be successful!

I was born and raised in El Salvador (Central America), but I’ve spent a big chunk of my adult life living in other parts of North America (Georgia, North Carolina and now B.C.). When I’m not Unbouncing I enjoy working out, running/walking my dog Duke José (I mean, what latin doesn’t have 2 names?! ), hanging out with the hubby and scheming the next travel destination!

Picking just one Tom Hanks film is hard, but if I had to it might be Sully. :man_pilot:

This .gif always makes me smile! :smile: