Introduce yourself to the community! 👋



Hi everybody, nice to know you all !


Hey everyone :wave:

Bit late to the party but I’m Brian, a software tester at Unbounce. I’ve been working here for almost two years. In that time I’ve mostly been involved with work on popups and sticky bars. I’m now excited to be joining the team that will kick off development of an alpha version of AMP this week.

Favourite gif?
Always get a laugh out of this unfortunate fella


Favourite. Gif. Ever.



My name is Koki and I just started playing around with unBounce. So far I am very impressed and full of crazy ideas…

I hope I am able to follow the top pros in unBounce and learn a lot from them.

Best Regards to all,



Hey Koki!

Welcome! Well now I have to ask…

What kind of crazy ideas do you have?! I’d love to hear 'em!