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Anyone having issue with not being able to submit a form on IE?



Hi Caroline, I’ve relayed this to our product team. I’ll let you know if this is something on our radar. :eyes:



I had a problem with submitting forms while testing a page in IE11.
While on your page in IE, open the Developer Tools by pressing F12, and then submit your form. If you see the error “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘reportValidity’” then it sounds like you may have the same problem I had and this might help.

I was able to track my problem to the Google Analytics domain script provided by Unbounce. If you are using it then try disabling it, refresh your page, and check if submitting will work.

I fixed it for myself by creating a custom domain script with just the basic Google Analytics code in it as I send custom events from pages myself anyway. If this is the cause of your problem and you rely on the events that Unbounce sends then you will have to wait for their fix.

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You’re a rockstar @benr!!! :boom: :boom: :boom: