Internet Explorer Layout Issue


When my landing page loads in Explorer, it shifts the text over slightly along with some of the text boxes to the point where some items overlap. Even the text wraps differently at times in a paragraph making it longer than intended. Does anyone else have this issue?


Hi Daniel,

Could you contact and provide them with the specific page or pages that you are having problems with. That way we can do our best to address this problem for you and anyone else who is experiencing similar issues.

Unfortunately, there are slight difference in the way browsers render text and we do our best to compensate for issues such as this so that your pages look consistent across various browsers.



I am also facing the same issues with my page:…

please make arrangements so that the page looks same on all the browsers.


Hi Amit,

As Justin mentioned above, all web browsers will load pages a bit differently, which can manifest with certain elements on your page rendering in slightly different ways. I will be going ahead and creating a support ticket for you shortly so we can dive in here and see what we can do to troubleshoot this together.