International Number Validation


Hello, people!

I’m from Brazil. I would like to suggest a validade Brazil’s phone number, because I can get to qualify my leads here (in Brazil).


Hi Ricardo! Unfortunately at this time the only type of phone number validation Unbounce supports is to validate as a North American phone number. You could use custom Javascript to support the functionality you require, but this is a custom solution that requires the ability to write code.

We know that international phone number validation is an important feature for customers outside of North America, so I’ll be sure to update this thread with any progress we make on this issue. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know your feature request Ricardo :slight_smile:


Hi one thing is the validation, but even more important for us is that we can set up predefined structure (prefix) (phonenumber), is that possible?


Hi Lars! Setting up a predefined structure for phone number fields is not a native feature to the Unbounce forms at this time. This sort of structure could be possible with javascript, but this is a custom solution. Thanks for reaching out, and I’ll be sure to update this thread with any improvements we make on this issue.


Hey Ricardo and Lars,
We’ve added support for UK, Australian and Generic phone number validations in addition to North American like we’ve always had, hopefully this helps a little bit. You can see my detail response over here…