🚨 Intermittent Outages


:rotating_light: Intermittent Outages

We are continuing to monitor issues caused by internet-wide events today. Some of our customers may continue to experience intermittent outages in our website, app, live pages and documentation. We will update this space when any new information is available.

Our ticketing system has also been affected, once we are back up we will be responding to all support requests as soon as possible. Please reach out to support via online chat or 1-888-515-9161

For more context, Gizmodo just published a post about the outages happening across the internet this morning: http://gizmodo.com/this-is-probably-why-half-the-internet-shut-down-today-1788062835

There’s also a post from CNBC which goes into even further detail:

Unfortunately, our status page has also been affected, so we’ll keep this thread updated throughout the day (unless, of course, our Community ends up being affected as well).

Stay safe out there internet friends!

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