Interested in feedback on my landing page


Here’s the page:

They receive this after they’ve gotten referred to join our crew and before they speak to our salespeople.

The goal is to impress upon them: “Crew is my ticket to sales mastery (and the money & significance that follows)”

(Note: Crew refers to a group of people we coach)


Nice page.  The top image is slow to load. Clear your cache and see what I mean. Not sure that the second image from the top adds anything.  At first glance I was focused upon the top one.  The headline could be more clear, different font or something.  I’m bad at coming up with fonts and colors mind you.  


Not mobile optimized…


Hey Sebastian,

I love the “tech” side of your page, the information was clear and didn’t overload me with data. Since I am a very visual person, I will make a suggestion that might help. Each of your photos are very dark, along with the black banner it gave me a somber feeling and I know that is not what you were going for. Try using Photoshop to brighten up your images and maybe change your color scheme up a bit. The point is that you want your initial visitor to get the proper “feeling” then move on to the data.



I am not an expert by any means but having looked at the site the above are all good comments that ring true for me. The first banner (white on dark grey in the middle of the picture) doesn’t look attractive - The grey block doesn’t look lke it should belong there. The interesting thing for me is that when you scroll down and coloured images and white space can be seen the page looks more alive and much better. So I wonder whether the grey has to be replaced by something livelier?



This old adage rings true for me on this page, if some is good more is better. Personally, it’s a little heavy on the parallax effect. I see what you are trying to do, but I get lost in the images and don’t read any of the copy. 

When I do get into the copy… I would re-think the headline intro copy treatment.  This statement confuses me a bit YOUR TRAINING & TEAM TO GROW INTO A TOP 1% SALESPERSON. I think its trying to tie up to the page headline, but its not 100% clear.

I would also bump up the blue h3 styles. It will help draw your eyes to those bits of copy.

I like your form, the on scroll animations are cool. But you have a ton of blank space at the top. Were you going to put a headline there? At mobile, the first form field is almost impossible to find without scrolling.

Great simple page, with a few tweaks it can probably turn into a lead gen machine.



Parallax is a little heavy for me and the images still load a little slow. Overall, great page!