Integrations Inaccurate

I seem to be hitting a limit with the API returning integrations enabled on the pages. On pages where we have an email notification, web hook, and Constant Contact integrations enabled, only 2 of the 3 are getting returned in the integration list and the integrationsCount also is set to 2. In each case, the web hook gets excluded from the results. “/accounts/{account_id}/pages” is how the pages are being retrieved.

Hi @mhoskison,
This is a known bug in the API. TLDR; that endpoint won’t give you an accurate count of the number of integrations.

There is a potential workaround - if you’re ok with consuming an endpoint that’s not technically part of the public API (but is publicly accessible). The usual disclaimers, of course: it’s not “officially supported”, may change in the future, etc.

Try sending an HTTP GET to /pages/:pageUuid/integrations, with a valid API token and that should return information about the integrations configured on a given page. There’s also a query-string param that can be used to look for specific types of integrations (type=webhook, for example).

So, for example:

curl -u <api key>:  "<page id>"