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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to integrate Unbounce with WebinarJam (

So far I have to export and manually enter leads into the form (image)



Hi @Juan_Cifuentes_IP_Ca,

You have a few options when it comes to integrating Unbounce with WebinarJam:

  1. Use the embedded WebinarJam button on your landing page.
    -Fairly easy to copy/paste a bit of code but you won’t be able to track conversions through Unbounce.

  2. Use the one-click registration option. In this case, you would need to capture your leads with an Unbounce form and sent them an email with the one-click registration link.
    -Again, fairly easy to setup but you need to setup an automated email follow up which would certainly drop your conversion rate from lead -> webinar signup -> attendee

  3. Webhook your Unbounce form data to their API.
    -More complicated to setup but offers greater flexibility, seamless registration from Unbounce form to webinar signups.

All 3 of these would work and it’s just a matter of preference and development abilities.



Thanks @Hristian,

I was afraid of the first 2 because of the exact same reasons you describe. I’ll have a look at option #3, already contacted their support team to see if this is possible.




Hi Hristian,

I’d like to do option 3 as well, but I’ve never done work with webhooks. Is there documentation for this?


Hi @Josh-London,

Here is the official documentation from Unbounce in regards to webhooks. Including an example PHP script.

Overall, it’s pretty straight forward and you just need to look at your 3rd party API for authentication, what fields it requires and the field labels.

Couple of tips:

  1. Make sure you don’t have any DDoS protection on your server. It might be turned on by default from your hosting provider. I spent hours one time trying to figure out why a webhook was getting passed to the client’s server but never actually executed.

  2. The data from Unbounce is URL encoded. If you are using anything other than the sample PHP script you might have to adjust for that.

My company has done dozens of these so if you run into problems, PM directly for a quote.




Josh London
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@Hristian wondering how I might be able to get in touch with you directly for some help setting this integration up?


I am new to unbounce but looking for webinarjam integration as well. How can i get in touch with you for help.