Integration with Visual Website Optimizer


I know 5 years ago, Unbounce promoted some integration with Visual Website Optimizer. I’d like to propose further integration.

You might be thinking, “just create your variations in VWO”. This would work if I’m making relatively minor changes (button text, image replacement…) but if I want to completely redesign my page, VWO’s visual editor will not work. Plus, if it did, I’d just have to replicate any changes with Unbounce if they win. Duplicate work is no fun!

The Unbounce editor is far superior to VWO’s visual editor, so just let me keep making my variations there. Then I don’t need to replicate them.

VWO has a feature for Split URL testing. I would love to use this feature with Unbounce variations. I have not figured out how to make it work with Unbounce, though. Ideally, I’d send my traffic to the Unbounce page like normal, but instead of Unbounce managing which page is displayed, VWO would control that using Split URL.

VWO also comes with other great features lacking in Unbounce. Segmented reporting would be very helpful. I would love to see how mobile and desktop perform independently. Or how different marketing channels perform (for me, I send a lot of Display and Paid Social campaigns to the same landing page).

In addition, VWO can track multiple goals. If I want to track form submissions AND engagement, I can do that. I’m currently using click-through pages that go to form pages. It would be helpful to track click through rate (CTR) as a primary metric, but also be able to see form submissions in case one of my variations has a negative impact on it. I might have made a change that got more clicks, but less form submissions. If I can track both, I can make testing decisions faster by using CTR without fear that my changes are getting less form submissions.


You can use VWO split URL testing by using the page variants URL. (I am assuming VWO split URL testing is configured similarly to Optimizley)  If you have two variants A and B the variants URL would be and  I had to do this using Optimizley when the landing pages I was testing the conversion goal was triggered by a phonecall using responsetap call tracking which creates a goal in Analytics.  I could then see which page received more phone calls in analytics either /a.html or /b.html.  The downside to this is that none of the Unbounce tracking works when sending visits directly to the page variants.


Thanks for your feedback, I’ve considered this.

Unfortunately, I send most of my traffic to the pages with search ads. The problem is if I send the ad to, then if /b.html wins, I have to change all of my ads to now point to /b.html. This would reset all my tracking on the ads and reset my Quality Score, which if you do PPC you know is a huge deal.

There are also some minor issues with variation urls. I’ve never been able to get favicons working on variation urls.