Integration with Pipedrive


I’m really liking all of the integrations available to plug leads into. Could you guys consider Pipedrive as well?


Hey Ryan, thanks for the feedback! Will add Pipedrive to our (very large) list of possible integrations. Just had a quick look at Pipedrive, looks interesting. Do you use it in conjunction with a CRM, or standalone?


This is our CRM :slight_smile: We chose it over SalesForce because of it’s simplicity - which is why I thought it would be a great integration. Unbounce (easy) plus Pipedrive (easy) = awesome.


It supports simple JSON formatted emails so setting up an email that populates the JSON would not be hard.

Below is an example of what my custom JSON looks like. I use GravityForms to populate an email with the variables from the form on my website. (I use unbounce for test as its easier to throw up a page and see how it does before I spend the time to make a full on site.) and then it fires off an email and then its in my Pipedrive.
Ryan, hit me up if you want to see how I take inbound calls and turn them automatically into leads in pipedrive! jason at I’m a super lover of PipeDrive.
“item_type”: “deal”,
“title”: “Title of the deal”,
“organization”: “Organization Name”,
“value”: “110”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“owner”: “”,
“visible_to”: “0”,
“a5d7c66f569d10628dcb06798601ab2738350884”: “Sales Rep”,
“117408c4785e2abd85f43034af6504c1496e1165”: “Sales Rep 2”,
“f307c2921356647e9e74d2a51d60abac80f9cc4c”: “Sales Rep 3”,
“f2e9777d80de09e069817b75311c5ec78a26a7e5”: "Commission ",
“f2e9777d80de09e069817b75311c5ec78a26a7e5_currency”: “USD”,
“e3b50814fe3a0e8de1a6d94ed6d1817c10542721”: “Market”,
“4092b361150245863a5644333f5b2a394da3fb88”: “Multi Rep”,
“e44aa71f97c4bf62814c52bc3e6b5f97b40604c0”: “Sent Survey link?”,
“person”: {
“name”: “John Doe”,
“email”: “”,
“organization”: “Organization Name”,
“phone”: “12345656”


I have received a few emails, I need to clarify, unbounce does NOT currently support sending variables (as far as I could tell) so you can’t preformat an email like above (the above is EXACTLY what you would need to pass via text only email to pipedrive.) and instead of having for instance the “organization name” it would actually pass the variable from unbounce that the customer entered like “Acme Co.”

Unfortunately this was a deal breaker with unbounce for me. I use Wordpress and twilio for ALL phone and landing page leads. (yes, you can even get your inbound calls to generate on demand emails to Pipedrive and pass the phone number, or even better, run a small app on your phone and enter in the info live, or right after the call)


go figure as soon as I say “not one” there is one I found.

Funny, I was looking for something else, and found that zapier will work between pipedrive and unbounce. takes a new form submission and creates a new deal (or other items) its $15/mo for zapier to do this.