Integration with a UK based CRM called FLG360 would be fab. This is a growing unbloated system that is getting more support every day


That’s it really - integration would save me a lot of hassle and there must be more users of this?


Hi Markko - It’s not on or road map yet, but we do prioritize new feature builds based on customer requests. I’ve changed this to an “idea”, so any other FLG360 users can +1 this post and add their support as well.

In the interim, they do have a tutorial for connecting different services via a Zapier webook here:…. Unbounce is on Zapier, so you should be able to make this work.

An Unbounce webhook may also work–you’ll need to use the action URL from the FLG360 form and use that as your Unbounce webhook URL. An Unbounce webhook pushes json and xml via POST, same as the Zapier webhook, so if the Zapier webhook works, you should be able to get the Unbounce native webhook to push as well.


Thanks Quinn, pretty quick reply and it is appreciated.
I have tried the webhook but I obviously haven’t done it right but i will have a good go at all of this at the weekend when I have more time as I actually like coding conundrums (especially for a newbie like me)


Awesome. I’d be interested to hear how it turns out. And while we can’t always answer every question about 3rd party apps, if you do run into any specific problems, let me know here and we’ll definitely help out if we can.