Integration of a Typeform survey on popup form submit


Hi. I am trying to integrate a Typeform survey into an unbounce popup.

My goal is to have the Unbounce popup on my page and want to have a Typeform survey after they submit. The survey appears on the confirmation dialogue “page.” That’s the only way I’ve found to make it work.

I have tried something here.

The code for the Typeform survey is available in the “share” section of the survey in Typeform. They propose 3 type of embedding: 1. Standard / 2. Full Page / 3. Popup. With different options.

You can see the options there.

What I want to achieve also, is to have a more seamless experience.

Like I need the popup to close when the survey is finished. The Typeform survey has the option to close by itself after 5 seconds with this feature, but I need the 2 to work together. For now, I think this option will only close the survey, but the unbounce confirmation dialogue would need to be closed manually.

What I need also is to be able to pass the unbounce form info to the survey. But they can only get the information via URL. So I am not sure how to do that.

Does anybody have a clue for a workaround? Thanks