Integration Errors - How to Re-send leads with fixed errors


Hi team, 

I have a couple of integration errors with Mailchimp. No worries here as I figured what was wrong. However, is there a way for me to manually edit the leads so that they can be submitted once I click the retry button?


No answers here?


Hi Pedro, 
When a lead pops up with an integration error, you can simply click into the lead and click on ‘retry’. However, this won’t show up if you’ve dismissed the integration error completely.

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Thanks Justin, however if the lead failed to be uploaded and something needed to be tweaked, for instance an email address “” that returns an invalid email error because of the last “.”   - How can I fix this and resubmit. I know how to resubmit, but don’t know how to edit lead info…


Hi Perdo M!

I ran into a similar jiffy a while back. I exported the lead list as a CSV, edited the CSV as needed, and uploaded it into our CRM manually. This may not be the answer you were looking for, but perhaps it’s an alternative :slight_smile:


Hey Pedro, 
Check out Stefano’s comment below. At this point in time there’s no way to manually edit the lead data and re-submit, so exporting the list as a .CSV, making the edits and manually submitting it into Mailchimp would be the best way to go about it.  


Thanks Stafano


Hi Pedro, 

Also, make sure to use validation for your fields in order to avoid as many “false” submissions as possible. 

If it is a common field like email address, Unbounce allows you to validate it pretty easy. 

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However, if you have custom fields you might have to add a bit of code to validate these fields. 

Here is a thread in the community that has some custom validation examples:…