Integrating with Grow Platform

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate with the grow platform and struggling.

I’ve attached screenshots of the instructions.

The main issue is, with lead form submissons, there is a requirement for the lead gen form to generate an order number and the code for this needs to be included in the script, as per the image.

Grateful if someone could help?

The tradedoubler website is

My website is

Hi there!

Add this in the JS of your confirmation page, it should do the trick.

<script type="text/javascript">
    tdconv('init', '2306161', {'element': 'iframe'});
    tdconv('track', 'sale', {
        transactionId: new Date().getTime(),
        ordervalue: 0,
        voucher: '',
        current: 'GBP',
        event: 418766,

Thanks for the response. Just to clarify, would this go before the body end tag on the confirmation page.